Timing Is Everything

God’s Timing is forever accurate.

Believe it. Trust it. Allow it.

This quote has been running through my head the last couple of weeks. The truth in this has reminded me of so many things. As humans, we walk or sometimes even run to and from  our activities without considering the time. We plan our days or at least have a general idea as to what is going to or supposed to happen during each day.

As we plan our days into hours and minutes and second, we have to realize that this time isn’t ours. Yes, we are living it, but God is the only One Who has any say as to our time. We can’t force our situations to change, to hurry up, to slow down, to skip, or even to not happen. All of these things are completely out of our control. Yet, we get upset, frustrated, and even angry when things aren’t going our way. We feel as if time is against us.

For me, time has been somewhat of an enemy of mine. With my health problems, time is pretty important. As my doctor took  me off my medicine to see how my body would react, I began experiencing some of the symptoms all over again. This wasn’t exactly part of the “plan.” Unfortunately, I had another GI bleed just a little over a month ago. I emailed my doctor and he decided that I need to be admitted to the hospital. . . again.

Hospital Visit #11 or #12?

Now, for me getting admitted to the hospital was the last thing I wanted to do because honestly I was feeling okay. My stay was pretty short. They ran a lot of labs. I had my CT scan that was originally scheduled for late October.  This was nice because I wouldn’t have to have another one later. The scan showed that the main mass in my right lung had significantly gotten smaller. It wasn’t completely gone but definitely smaller. However, I now had a bunch of small nodules in the top part of my lung.

I received IV prednisone and was put back on my CellCept. I went home Sunday night and had a followup appointment with my doctor on Thursday of that same week. My doctor is pretty great! I know not a lot of people can say that but I really can! He is quite great! He decided to put me on some antibiotics for one week for the lung modules in case of an infection because they couldn’t quite tell what they were. I left that visit with an appointment scheduled for one week.

The next Thursday was basically just to make sure the medicine was sitting well with me which it was. Unfortunately, I am still having some GI issues. We have run a bunch of blood work to check my liver functions. Thankfully, my liver is looking good right now. Yet I am still having a hard time eating anything without getting pretty sick. We are just waiting to get results from an ultrasound on my abdomen to see about my gallbladder.

Well, we are completely caught up! And today marks my one year anniversary of my first hospital stay. So much has happened this last year. I obviously wouldn’t have planned for it, but it happened. I honestly am thankful for these multiple and ongoing detours that God has placed in my life. So, the next time something happens in your life that you didn’t exactly plan or have “time” for please remember this:

God’s Timing is forever accurate.

Believe it. Trust it. Allow it.


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